Monday, December 12, 2005

If The Economy Is So Great Why Did I Just Get Laid-Off ?

This could be very bad. I got laid-off Friday and already I've blogged more in the last three days than I have i six months. Yesterday I even ventured so far as to write my first diary on DailyKos; it wasn't much to look at so I won't link it here.

The Mrs. asked me if she could leave a list of things to do while I am off work. I grunted but listened. Now to check that list:
Screens out storm windows in......check
Dinner ready on time.....................check
Christmas tree trimmed................check
Unemployment claim filed.............check

The Mrs. hasn't mentioned anything for tomorrow, so I'm guessing I'm free to play all day. I already have dinner planned, spaghetti and mariana with Italian sausage, garlic bread and a small salad. I'm reminded what my wife's former co-worker once said when asked if her husband works............ her response: " what good is a husband who doesn't work? "

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I see Chabot has been busy

From the Enquirer I see Steve Chabot has been to Afganistan and has his eye on everything except the Ohio first congressional district. There are a couple of intresting points I find in the article.

The first concerns nation building:

Chabot, who returned from his Afghanistan trip Monday, said the U.S. also must help Afghanistan build its economy, stop the drug trade and build roads and bridges.
"This is a very poor country. We have a lot to do beyond just training security forces,'' Chabot said.
How about a little Cincinnati building first Steve; I think the Brent Spence bridge could use a little attention. And as far as the drug trade goes, we could use some help on that problem right here in Hamilton County. No need to travel around the world to find problems to solve Mr Chabot.
Another curiousity that caught my attention:

Back home, Chabot said he is working on getting a bill through Congress to help Southern black farmers get retribution because of years of discrimination.
...Uh......can you please repeat that one? What about a little help on all the freaking good paying jobs we're loosing right here in good old Cincinnati Steve? Us blue collar guys need to feed our kids and send them to good private schools. I don't have anything against repairing the damage done for past mistakes. If southern black farmers were promised fourty acres and a mule by all means deliver on that promise. But do us a favor and work on stop the bleeding right here in our own district.
Newsflash to Chabot: The Ohio first district is in Ohio. You can find it on a map of the state, it's in the lower left hand corner.